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WDS Bridging with EPC2425 and EPC3925

I have a redundant Cisco EPC2425 that I want to use as a wireless bridge to connect to my current home router (an EPC3925).


I have got the channels/band/keys matching yet the 2425 is failing to connect to my home router.  I have set the 2425 in bridge mode and currently can only set the wireless properties.


I have both ends of the supposed bridge referencing the other's MAC.


When I try to enter advanced settings on the 2425 I get a notice that the function has not been enabled.


What can I try to get these two boxes talking to each other?


Thank you.

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WDS Bridging with EPC2425 and EPC3925


couple of questions:

- was it workine fine before?

WDS (Wireless Distribution System) may not be compatible between different products. You have different product for your home router and it may not necessarily work.

You can try puttin ghte home router and the bridge you want to configure with same product and test just to eliminate that it is not a compatibility issue.

The "Wireless Distribution System" page on wikipedia states that:

WDS may be incompatible between different products (even occasionally from the same vendor) since it is not certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance



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WDS Bridging with EPC2425 and EPC3925

Well individually each router/AP works fine.  It's when I try to get the EPC2425 to act as a bridge that I encounter issues.

I  have it in Bridge mode so it is accessible from but it only allows me to configure the wireless settings. 

Am I on the wrong track here?  There's little if any info on how this is meant to be done with the EPC2425.

I understand that this might not work but I'd like to know how I'm meant to be doing this in the first place before giving up.

Thanks for the reply though.

WDS Bridging with EPC2425 and EPC3925


I only can help by providing the user guide for your device:

I can only see that you enable bridging and provide the other mac address/addresses your bridge should connect to. Nothing else.

Actually this section in the forum is not the one for your device.

You better put your question here:

Good luck 


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