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What Cisco home router? Advice requested

I am currently looking to purchase a Cisco home router to replace my ISP modem, which uses the phonelines (adsl2+).

But which one? I have no idea :(

My usage.

I run a few servers (VMware ESXi) that i would like to reach from the outside world over a VPN connection

through the Cisco device. The servers run a few sql, https, java services i am going to place in a DMZ with a debian firewall infront.

I would like to use Quality Of Service in my network, i use in-home streaming technologies, i run disk encryption on all my devices and would

also like to play with encryption on the lines internally. I also play around with a raspberry cluster for various tasks (mostly security cracking / breaking) and use a lot of time on security and want to learn more.

So (in my own logic) i need a device with a healthy list of features, and somewhat powerfull?

I would like to be able to install a gigabit switch module in the router, to avoid also getting a switch seperately as a 24/7 device.


A colleague vaguely told me he would use a Cisco 1841 router. It has two expansion slots, one for a WIC card and the other i can use for a

switch module? But can it handle a gigabit module, and can i get a image new enough to give me the features i need? Would such a image be free to download or would i need to purchase them seperately?


Im also in doubt if i should go for a Cisco router or layer three switch. If a router should it be the 1800 series or go bigger and go 2800 series or something else / newer? The two above devices cost the same, and only power consumption varies 20W vs 100W which both are acceptable for a 24/7 device.


I really hope someone can help me out.


Thanks on advance

Kind regards


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