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What is the use DMZ ?

Is there any difference between the" DMZ " of gaming consoles and the DMZ in networking.As far as I know the DMZ term used in firewall is related to a zone which is not completely trusted and hence is kept outside LAN.What does DMZ mean in wireless routers ?Is there any relation between the two ?

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Re: What is the use DMZ ?

In fact the very concept of it is everywhere DMZ is one meaning. In the wireless router, it also needs to:

Publish your internal server or a service on the server, for example HTTP, ssh, RDP and etc.  in internet, and hide its internal ip, and secure connections.

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What is the use DMZ ?

HI Pratyush,

The DMZ is good if you want to run a home server that can be accessed from outside of your home network (ie web server, ssh, vnc or other remote access protocol). Typically you would want to run a firewall on the server machine to make sure only the ports that are specifically wanted are allowed access from public computers.

An alternative to using the DMZ is to setup port forwarding. With port forwarding you can allow only specific ports through your router and you can also specify some ports to go to different machines if you have multiple servers running behind your router.



Re: What is the use DMZ ?

Two Scenarios.


The network setup is as follows.

There is one firewall .I have two computers in the network. i have created a DMZ  with network and  a LAN zone with network By default the LAN to WAN is allow . I have created the same for DMZ to WAN. There is no sever in the DMZ.No one is trying to access anything from WAN to DMZ.Now if I try to access internet from the computer in DMZ will it be any different than trying to access internet from the computer in the LAN ?

Is there any feature in DMZ which is not in LAN.


I have a home wifi router with the local address i have a gaming device which needs to forward certain ports.One way is to do a port range forward on the router and forward the ports for the ip of the gaming device. Another way is to do a port range triggering on the router and forward the ports without mentioning the ip address of the gaming device. The third option is to select DMZ option in the router.

My question is

1. What does selecting DMZ in the home router do? Does it open all the ports ?

2.What purpose does a DMZ zone serve in the first network set up ?

3. Are both the DMZs same ?

Please help as i am not able to find a good explanation .


Re: What is the use DMZ ?


A DMZ is only an interface where usually Servers are located that are usually accessed from the Outside...or inside.., it is only a single name for that purpose


What is the use DMZ ?

Hi Pratyush,

A DMZ is an interface that sits between a trusted network segment  (your company’s network) and an untrusted network segment (the  Internet), providing physical isolation between the two networks  enforced by a series of connectivity rules within the firewall. The  physical isolation aspect of a DMZ is important because it enables  Internet access only to the servers isolated on the DMZ and not directly  into your internal network, as shown in figure.

Figure 7-3

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