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wr net to tftp at certain time intervals


Anyone know if you can do a write net to a tftp server at specified time intervals? Basically do a backup every week or month or so without manually going and doing it?


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I didn't see exactly what you want here but they have a number of scripts that you could use as a basis. They have both backup and scheduled functions just not both in the same script. Be sure to check you have a new enough IOS since they have added many things in the later ones. This is one of my favorite new ios feature.


Hi Joseph01

I think this can be achieved with the "kron" command if your IOS supports it.

Have a look at this article on

If you want to use the method shown on this page, then you might want to change the policy-list as follows

Router(config)# kron policy-list Backup

Router(config-kron-policy)# terminal length 0

Router(config-kron-policy)# show run | redirect tftp://

Router(config-kron-policy)# terminal length 24

Router(config-kron-policy)# exit

Router(config)# kron occurrence Backup at 23:00 Sun recurring

Router(config-kron-occurrence)# policy-list Backup

Changing the terminal length to 0 makes the "show run" command execute without the normal page breaks. Terminal length 24 is the default setting, so you reset it after you have run the "show run" command.


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Thanks, Ill look into the kron job. Didnt know you could do that. I appreciate the insight.

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