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WS-2950G-48-EI Upgrade

Good afternoon,  I work for a company and we have a few Cisco WS-2950G-48-EI switches integrated into our network.  They are mainly used for monitoring servers/equipment/etc and also run a few things on our internal office network.  I am trying to find an equivalent replacement with the following specs.  48 10/100/1000 G ports, at least 2 GBIC ports.  The biggest issue I am having is finding anything with GBICs.  Everything I come across now is SFP.  I was hoping someone could help steer me in the right direction.  Thank you.

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Re: WS-2950G-48-EI Upgrade



I think everything with GBICs has been end of life/end of sale for quite a few years now. Which means you are probably looking at second hand equipment for which you cannot even get a support contract. Why do you need the GBIC support ?


Re: WS-2950G-48-EI Upgrade

Currently I have the Cisco WS-2950G-48-EI going back to a Catalyst 3550
switch which uses the same GBIC module. I was just hoping to upgrade my
switch and not have to replace my fiber jumpers as they go from one room to
another at the office. Plus I was concerned about compatibility. Right
now my Catalyst 3550 2950 are using SC/APC connections on each end plugged
into GBIC modules.

Upgrading the 2950 would keep the SC/APC on the 3550 end and a LC/APC on the
new switch with a SFP Module(I believe). I was just unsure if there would
be any compatibility issues with the 2 different types of connections.

Thank you for your help.

Re: WS-2950G-48-EI Upgrade

I was looking at the SG350X-48 switch as a replacement to the 2950. What
are your thoughts on that.

Thank you,
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Re: WS-2950G-48-EI Upgrade

1.  If you want to replace the 2950 then go with Catalyst 1000.  (Note:  Don't be tempted to go LAN Lite.)  This model should be a lot cheaper than the Catalyst 9K. 

2.  In regards to GBIC, there are a lot of places where one can buy cheap/used Cisco-branded GLC-SX-MMD.  

3.  In regards to the SC patch cables, just replace them with LC-terminated fibre optic cables.  Make sure to check what is the density of the current fibre optic run:  OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4.  

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