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Rene Paul Huet

WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE redundancy


I wish you a good year 2010

I have a 6506 with 2 WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE (in slots 1 & 2). Card in Slot1 is active and card in slot slot2 is standby.

All LEDs are green in card 1 (that's normal)

On the Card 2 (redundancy card)

  • The Status and System LEDs are green (that's normal)
  • Active LED is orange (It is normal for this card is in standby).
  • The PWR-MGMT LED is off (and I don't know if it's normal).
    • The synchronization between the two cards are good.
    • A show module shows that all modules are well recognized.
    • A show power  shows power is good for all modules.
    • I don't have an error message that indicates a possible problem on the card
    • A show diagnostic module for module 2 indicate state Unknown

      Various Cisco docs indicate the LED PWR-MGMT may be red or green (but there is no indication on the LED off).

      • The problem is note hardware, because I have the same problem with an other 6500 (6509), I have already change the card.
      • The IOS version is 12.1(26)E6

      Please can you tell me if it's normal the power managment LED is of.

      I'm sorry for my English

      Best Regards


Note :

Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master

Hello René,

the power consumption is reported here from your sh tech:

module 1
  module 1 connector rating: 1260.00 Watts (30.00 Amps @ 42V)
  module 1 power consumption: 142.38 Watts ( 3.39 Amps @ 42V)
module 2
  module 2 connector rating: 1260.00 Watts (30.00 Amps @ 42V)
  module 2 power consumption: 142.38 Watts ( 3.39 Amps @ 42V)

so it looks like that standby sup is powered.

A simple test could be to attempt an access on the console port: it should simply reply that it is the standby supervisor and cannot be accessed.

also sh redundancy could be used to see how active sup sees the standby sup, being RPR+ strategy the correct status of standby should be standby cold.

Hope to help



I checked the sh tech and everything looks fine to me. I believe just the

LED would have been broken or someother thing. However, try one simple test check

if you are able to access the flash of the standby sup( dir slavesup-bootflash:) ? or if you console into the standy sup do you get a prompt ?

if it works then we are good or else you might need to replace the sup.