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Wyse Terminals and 4506 Cabinets

Jeff Martin
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Level 1

We replaced 4 4506 cabinets running the WS-X45-SUP7-E Supervisor Boards on Version 03.06.03.E with Enterprise Services Licenses. We replaced two of the cabinets about 2 weeks ago these cabinets were the switches that the Wyse Terminals were directly connected too. When we replaced the switches suddenly the Wyse Terminals would not see the physical ethernet connection when the booted but the switchport showed connected when doing a show interface status. We resolved the issue by hardcoding the speed and duplex on the interfaces and Wyse Terminal. Yesterday, we replaced the final two switches in the datacenter (no changes at all were made to the previous 2 switches). The two new switches are running the same code and license level with the same supervisor boards. These new switches do not have any Wyse terminals directly connected but now we are seeing a reoccurrence of the Wyse Terminal's not seeing their physical connection. We did not power off the existing switches  or anything during the install of the new switches. When we do a show mac address-table on the two switches with the Wyse Terminals connected there is no entry for the Wyse terminals. We have 12 Wyse Terminals at this location and all are experiencing the same issue. I have attached the running config for the switch that has the Wyse Terminals connected.

This is the configuration for one of the ports that the Wyse Terminal is connected too:

interface GigabitEthernet4/4
description *** Training Room ***
switchport access vlan 11
switchport mode access
switchport nonegotiate
spanning-tree portfast

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Level 1
Level 1

Do you get the same effect if you turn off nonegotiate?

I have had this issue with broadcom cards in the past and had to disable this or change to intel cards. It might be worth checking on your terminal if there are any updated firmware options to see if this is a network card firmware issue too.

I have not had an issue with our terminals, we use Dell D50d and they seem to work ok.

I removed the no negotiate command and that did not have an effect.

Hi Jeff,

Are these Wyse terminals dependent on switch for PoE? Can you try doing 'no power inline' on a test port, provide external power source to Wyse and see if it works.

Let me know.



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