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xconnects are not shown in 7600

Hi All,

On 7606 with RSP720, I've configured bunch of eompls circuits. This is a multivendor equipment lab but There is also one circuit towards another 7600 box.

7601 and 7602 is directly connected.  7601 ( Lo . 7602 (Lo:  Both are running 12.2(33)SRD6

At 7601 "show mpls l2transport vc" command does not list the xconnects.


7601# show mpls l2transport vc

Local intf     Local circuit              Dest address    VC ID      Status   
-------------  -------------------------- --------------- ---------- ----------

I can see the xconnects via:

7601#show xconnect all
Legend:    XC ST=Xconnect State  S1=Segment1 State  S2=Segment2 State
  UP=Up       DN=Down            AD=Admin Down      IA=Inactive
  SB=Standby  RV=Recovering      NH=No Hardware

XC ST  Segment 1                         S1 Segment 2                         S2
DN     ac   Gi1/23:333(Eth VLAN)         UP mpls                  DN
DN     ac   Gi1/15:347(Eth VLAN)         UP mpls                  DN
DN     vfi  VPLS601                      DN mpls                DN
AD     ac   Gi1/24:444(Eth VLAN)         AD mpls                  DN
DN     ac   Gi1/21:555(Eth VLAN)         DN mpls                  DN
DN     ac   Gi1/39:733(Eth VLAN)         DN mpls                  DN
DN     ac   Gi1/21:601(Eth VLAN)         DN mpls                DN
DN     ac   Gi1/21:600(Eth VLAN)         DN mpls                DN
DN     ac   Gi1/39:666(Eth VLAN)         DN mpls               DN
DN     ac   Gi1/39:1000(Eth VLAN)        DN mpls            DN
DN     ac   Gi1/30:307(Eth VLAN)         UP mpls               DN
AD     ac   Vl601:601(Eth VLAN)          AD vfi  VPLS601                      DN

At  7602, I can see that there is no remote binding with 7601:

7602#show mpls l2transport vc 307 det
Local interface: Gi1/1.307 up, line protocol up, Eth VLAN 307 up
  Destination address:, VC ID: 307, VC status: down
    Output interface: none, imposed label stack {}
    Preferred path: not configured 
    Default path: no route
    No adjacency
  Create time: 00:32:46, last status change time: 00:10:26
  Signaling protocol: LDP, peer up
    Targeted Hello: Id) ->
    Status TLV support (local/remote)   : enabled/unknown (no remote binding)
      Label/status state machine        : local ready, LruRnd
      Last local dataplane   status rcvd: no fault
      Last local SSS circuit status rcvd: no fault
      Last local SSS circuit status sent: not sent
      Last local  LDP TLV    status sent: no fault
      Last remote LDP TLV    status rcvd: unknown (no remote binding)
    MPLS VC labels: local 31, remote unassigned
    Group ID: local 0, remote unknown
    MTU: local 9216, remote unknown
    Remote interface description:
  Sequencing: receive disabled, send disabled
  VC statistics:
    packet totals: receive 0, send 0
    byte totals:   receive 0, send 0
    packet drops:  receive 0, seq error 0, send 0


I can't notice any problems at LDP & IGP:

7602#show ip o nei

Neighbor ID     Pri   State           Dead Time   Address         Interface           1   FULL/BDR        00:00:38       GigabitEthernet1/8
7602#show ip route
Routing entry for
  Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 2, type intra area
  Last update from on GigabitEthernet1/8, 00:21:30 ago
  Routing Descriptor Blocks:
  *, from, 00:21:30 ago, via GigabitEthernet1/8
      Route metric is 2, traffic share count is 1
7602#show mpls ldp nei
7602#show mpls ldp neighbor 2.2.2.
% Incomplete command.

7602#show mpls ldp neighbor
    Peer LDP Ident:; Local LDP Ident
        TCP connection: -
        State: Oper; Msgs sent/rcvd: 36/39; Downstream
        Up time: 00:11:27
        LDP discovery sources:
          GigabitEthernet1/8, Src IP addr:
          Targeted Hello ->, active, passive
        Addresses bound to peer LDP Ident:

It's weird not to see any output at "show mpls l2transport vc" command at 7601. Does anyone have any idea?



Did you ever get this issue resolved? I too am having the same issue on a 7604 running 12.2(33)SRE5. It was working fine yesterday and this morning none of my xconnects will bind.

Nope, I think I'll have to open a TAC case for this.


Hello, have you or CISCO solved the problem????


I upgraded my router for another purpose and it is resolved. It definitely looks like a bug.