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Model or technical dwg for C9500-24YAC mounting bracket...

I need a CAD model or technical drawing for the mounting bracket(s) for the C9500-24YAC.

P/N: 700-111221-01 Rev A0


SFP modules used in front ports requires adapters that cause mating fiber to stick too far out from the front our our rack.  We need to redesign mounting brackets that will move the switch back in the rack approximately 1-1/16" according to our install team.

How could I obtain technical details on the supplied mounting brackets including hole pattern and countersink dimensional information? 

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Thank you for install guide.

Issue is we can't use the standard provided brackets and I need dimensional details to properly remake and ensure it will mount properly to the switch.

I don't see that level of detail in the install guide.

i do not believe you get a manufacturing blueprint from cisco - if you have a kit in hand,  give the manufacture to measure and make it for you.


one of the DC we had some difficulties for FEX to install top of rack - so there is a custom basket installed to make it temporary to install.


so this is a one-time requirement, you need to ask your frame people to advise and help you.




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Understand I can get a bracket and take the time to measure, model, draw and modify to produce what we need for our application.

However that is a significant waste of resources when Cisco has the information I need.

I'm a little disappointed to hear Cisco would not be willing to provide basic dimensional data on a part that has no proprietary value, to assist with our issue.

I integrate IT equipment into custom racks and am able to get detailed 3D models from Dell and other vendors without issue.

It greatly reduces our design time and alleviates issues with integrating equipment when we have good models to work with.



that is my personal views, May contact cisco's partner or cisco may give you, in general, my views shares, no company shares their blueprints with anyone.


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I understand your point on "blueprints" ie technical drawings.

But typically many other companies I've worked with are willing to provide basic 3D CAD models.

Which is really what I'm looking for.

I came to this forum as I've yet to find a good POC to contact within Cisco that can help me.

I called the technical assist line and they referred me to sales. 

I called sales and they referred me to "global virtual engineering help line".

I called the number for the "global virtual eng. help line" and there was a message saying it had been moved to an online portal, with information on "".

But I was not able to get to or find details on that specific portal (outside of this technical support board).

So far, have not found the support I need.

Unfortunately, this is out of scope for me to offer you any solution. we are as a community member happy to help if we know anything related to technology. (it's like sharing/helping  each other to build knowledge.)


This is something beyond my limits.. so wait for others to comments,


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For reference, here are pics of the bracket I need info on.

These parts are being installed literally on the opposite side of the US from me (West coast vs East coast).

I could ask the installers to measure and provide info, but there is a high likelihood that after waiting weeks for new parts to get fabricated, they would not fit properly.

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