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About vcs control dial plan

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Level 1

Hello Friends

         I want to config my vcs work with my conductor,i create the zone and create the search rule,but i still can't call my conductor conference aliases.

when i check the dial plan ,it reminder me out of resource.

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Shashank Mahajan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you see this error in Search history on VCS?

You may need to look into VCS diagnostic logs to determine why it is failing with that error.

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

In your screenshot above, I believe the issue may be that the number you're trying to find is just an E.164 type address, and you're trying to find it via SIP, and it will fail as "96001" is not a valid SIP URI.  You'll need to change it to a full SIP URI including the domain - ie

Note: Your question would be better placed in the TelePresence section of the forums where these devices are more actively discussed than in the Video Over IP section you've posted in - I'd suggest, if the above hasn't answered your query, that you move your discussion over there, you can do this by editing your original post.

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