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Ad-hoc and scheduled meetings - release resources

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I thought that if my users stopped doing ad-hoc meetings and started doing scheduled meetings, I would have a better control over releasing MCU video ports and ending of the scheduled conferences.

Can someone tell me, does each endpoint need to be disconnected from the meeting by pressing the end button to properly end an ad-hoc conference and/or scheduled conference?  I thought that the originator could press "end" to end the conference, but others will remain connected unless they also press end.  TMS automatically extends a meeting by 15 minutes, even if there is only one endpoint still in the conference.

Do I have my system not optimally configured to allow a meeting owner/moderator to remove a video endpoint or end the whole meeting?  I don't give my users access to TMS, so while the functionality is in TMS to do just that, they don't have those controls at their disposal.

Is there any other way to have meetings properly terminate to free up resources or have even the video endpoint available for a new meeting and not continue to be extended out every 15 mins?  I don't want to remove the 15 min. extension because it will be missed as soon as I remove it.

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.



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Tom Kalikajaros
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Level 1

Hi Arras,

Check your default setting for Extend Mode (Advanced Settings) for new conferences. If set to Automatic Best Effort then change to Endpoint Prompt.

If Automatic Best Effort, then TMS is doing it's best to keep the conference alive because one endpoint remains connected.

Endpoint Prompt does exactly that, prompts the endpoint, and if no response then ends the conference as booked. If one of the endpoints has a second conference that follows immediately after, I'm pretty sure TMS does not offer an extension.

If your TMS default setting gets changed, this will resolve your problem for new bookings. Existing recurring bookings however will have to be manually edited.