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AD phonebook entries in TMS will only dial at 64kbps


Hi all,

I have a problem with a new TMS phonebook setup and have hit a small stubling block which I can't quite figure out:

Client wanted an AD phonebook to facilitate VCS to CUCM dialing.  CUCM is importing accounts from AD and with the extention being the 'ipphone' attribute in AD.  All/most CUCM users have video to desktop using Jabber for Windows with this same E164 extention in CUCM.  So I thought, "Great, we'll just use the same ad account and import the same users into a phone source and publish as a CUCM directory on VCS/TMS endpoints".  This bit works.

The problem I have is that all imported entries are set as 'telephone' values, thus 64kbps.  To overcome this, and set the bandwidth at video levels I have tried to change the  'default bandwidth for imported contacts" on the phone books source, restarted everything and still the calls only setup at 64kbps and are still listed as such when I go to 'view contacts' in TMS.  There doesn't seem to be any other options I can changes.  Am I doing something silly here?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Gurp,

Even though when configuring your AD PB Source in TMS,  you can select "Default Bandwidth for Imported Contacts" to be  anything, but unfortunately you don't get this bandwidth when you select  to import ", i.e. it's considered by TMS as a Telephone in the bw type...meaning 64kbps.

However,  and maybe some good news, the recent release of TMS 14.1 contains the  ability to create a Phonebook Source from CUCM...meaning could this be a  possible work around for you?



Hi Dale,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to check out that option once we get up to 14.1 and offer this solution to the customer



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