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Airplay on RoomOS 11 with Beacon working?

Hi Community,

i was very happy to read about native AirPlay Support on RoomOS in the now relaesed Stable Version.

i want to get that working in my company network on 22 devices now.
all RoomKit or RoomKit Plus devices.

found now this help article: Configure wireless sharing with AirPlay (

my network guys say it is very hard to get it working via the same broadcast domain as our securtity is very high and the Room Devices are in an other vlan than the Win & Mac Laptops.

the second option in the help article is about " to enable discovery beacon support on the Webex device"
did all the settings but had no sucess seeing the devie on mac or iDevice.

any hints?
is this working at any of you that way?

if not, is there a detailed setup guide, what has to be done on network site to get it work with broadcast domain?
we are full on cisco Switches & APs here.

thx in advance!

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Rahul Kachalia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It is common to see standard Infosec policy to prevent building larger Layer 2 flood domains in Enterprise. As a best practices this is primarily driven to support stringent security, network resiliency, end-point performance and other key factors.

In Enterprise, the Cisco Catalyst switches, Wireless can route the any Multicast DNS (mDNS) protocol based services such as AirPlay, ChromeCast, Printer and many more. The mDNS services can be routed across IP network without forklifting changes that needs restructuring and redesigning complete infrastructure.

You can recommend your Network IT team to refer following several documentations to enable Cisco Webex AirPlay across Enterprise:

Solution Landing Page:


Solution AAG :

  1. Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour At-a-glance

Solution Deployment Guide:

  1. Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour : SD-Access Deployment Guide
  2. Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour : Traditional LAN and Wireless Local Mode Deployment Guide
  3. Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour : Traditional LAN and Wireless FlexConnect Mode Deployment Guide

Solution Quick Configuration Guide:

  1. Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour Quick Configuration Guide

Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour CCO Configuration Guide:

  1. Cisco Catalyst 9300
  2. Cisco Catalyst 9400
  3. Cisco Catalyst 9500
  4. Cisco Catalyst 9600
  5. Cisco Catalyst 9800
  6. Cisco Catalyst 9100 EWC
  7. Cisco Nexus 9000
  8. Cisco DNA-Center Wide Area Bonjour

Step-by-step configuration:

  1. Please follow step-by-step pre-requisite to configuration provided in the guide for CISCO DNA Services for Bonjour Quick Configuration Guide: