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tec cou

Anyone can help me if the api C20, is the same for the SX20.

AMX Integrators tell me they can not control the SX20 via ethernet.

Thanks to all

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Hi Alejandro,

To answer your first question, then yes (provided both of them are running the same software version). The software is slightly different but the API commands remain the same. Unfortuately, the AMX requires Integrator Codecs like C40/C60/C90. C20 is not an integrator, hence you will not be able to use AMX with it.

For more information on Audio Video Integration, you should check this section:

Hope this answers your question.


Mubashshir Akhtar
TelePresence Solution Group

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

I would like to correct this reply.  You can absolutely use Crestron or AMX with an SX20 or a C20.  Yes, you can.

The C20 and SX20 APIs are both available on

The C20 has an optional Y cable to allow serial control from a control system.

The SX20 prefers SSH or telnet to control the system, but you can use a USB to Serial converter from the SX20.  This is documented in the Synch section under Peripherals on  There is currently a bug that is being fixed in TC6.2.0 regarding use of a control system with a USB to Serial converter.  TC6.2 is due for release either June or July.

That being said, our preferred platform for integrating with audio visual systems is the Integrator line, not the Quick Set line.  For instance, on a C40 or better you can turn the echo canceler on or off - you cannot do this with a C20 or SX20.  In addition, you can set audio recording outputs on a C40 or better.  You cannot do this with a C20 or SX20.

Enrico Conedera

Senior TME for Integrator Codecs and Quick Sets

Martin Koch

In addition to what Mubashshir wrote,

There might be some commands on the one which are not available on the other (like multisite), but

the generic parts (call/disconnect,...) should be the same.

That is more dependent on which software version you run on the system.

Check out the admin guides, they lists the commands available for the SX20/C20



You can control the system via ssh, telnet, https, http

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