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SX10 stand alone

I have purchased 85 numbers of SX10 recently for my organisation. I want to configure them in stand alone mode. In all locations i don't have any firewall i have only broadband connectivity in each location. When i am placing a call i can sense only ...

Distance from tracking microphones with the Quad Camera VS Speaker Track 60

Hi,  I am currently looking at a camera tracking solution in a large boardroom with a distance over 9.5m (To the table) 10m to the people. There is not maximum distance stated in the quad camera datasheet regarding the maximum distance that tracking ...

Resolved! Setup Dual Screen in Cisco Telepresence SX20

Hello All,I have one recently installed SX20 units which are registered to a VCS. the unit have the following options installed.NaturalPresenter / MultiSite / PremiumResolution / DualDisplayWhen I make a call to another site and  I´m sending a conten...

SX20 Echo

We have an SX20 in a conference room. During calls in this conference room, they experience intermittent echoing. Audio sounds fine everywhere except in this room and the echo comes and goes and varies in degree. With simple pings through the network...