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Hi all, during my testing with Cisco Meeting Server I recognized, that when I invite a further participant to an existing CMS conference, the invited participant sees as calling name the conference sip ID, e.g. Is it possibl...

Hi Does someone have configured SIP options ping on a dial-peer that uses session server-group? How server keep track of each individual ip address on the server-group on the dial peer? In Brief, these two commands on the dial peer: session server-...

aalejo by Contributor
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Hi all We build 3 CMS Server to our customer Site.( Cluster with 3 DB Server / Cluster with 2 Callbridge ) Problem is connection fail between callbridge cluster usually.Cluster state is normally good .But usually occur connection fail callbridge clus...

Hoping someone can help me out with this.I am attempting to directly register SIP endpoints to the an expressway-C and it fails. In the logs I am seeing an inbound TLS negotiation error with details stating unknown protocol. Can anyone assist in help...