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Tandberg Edge 75 MXP cannot join conference hosted in TP Server

Dear all, I've deployed TP Conductor version 4.x and TP Server version 4.1. I can create and join conference hosted in TP Server from Jabber. From Jabber, i dial 4xxx.I've several standalone Tandberg Edge 75 MXP. I tried to create or join conference ...

Resolved! Cisco MX 700

Hello people,I have a MX 700 set up for a client, registered to the VCS with the speaker track camera. I have 2 issues with it. The first one is I am not able to add another participant if I wish to do a multiway call. The add a participant option do...

akshay by Beginner
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Resolved! TMS 15.0 TMSDatabaseScanner - HTTP status 404

I am having intermittent issues on TMS system. Detailed in the TMSDatabaseScanner.txt I found the below. Not able to ascertain what this is referring to. Need to know if this has been seen.--------------------------------Log Snippet------------------...

Fresh install of Expressway server - No network connectivity

Hi Everyone,This isnt a question, but hopefully you found this through a google search.  I had this problem a few times recently when installing a fresh OVA of the Expressway server.  What will happen is you do the install, and then run the initial c...

PVDM3-16 Cisco 2901 DSP VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE "cannot complete conference"

Hi all,  I have a Cisco Router 2901 with:2 x VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE1 x PVDM3-16 3 x ISND2 BRI lines6 x 7970 IP PhonesWhen I try to use the built in bridge on the 7970s, I get the message "cannot complete conference"Now, I have configured a dspfarm for confe...

Geo Gon by Beginner
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