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Hi all,We use a single TMS installation to manage multiple endpoints (mainly C and MXP series) across multiple institutions and network boundaries. Whilst the institutions are able (in the most part) to allow us direct 1:2:1 NATed address to endpoint...

I am working on QoS for Polycom HDX video device。Found some strange with command "match protocol sip"Config is following:class-map match-any cm-prec-3-in match access-group name acl-prec-3 match protocol sip   !--->try to catch the sip traffic match ...

One Button To Push (OBTP) bookings are our prefered method of scheduling conferences, however if we schedule a conference with an endpoint that doesn't support OBTP (such as an E20) we are restricted to using "Dial In" to connect the non-OBTP endpoin...