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Booking auto connect jabber to end point or jabber to jabber?

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Level 1

Hi all

So i'm booking Scheduled Meeting with end user ( jabber for windows, ipad ) to sx 10 or jabber

If booking with sx 10. Sx 10 notice connected but i don't see and hear anythings

If booking with jabber to jabber. There no notifacations

So can i to do that?

I used TMS 14.4, TMSPE 1.2

Thank you all


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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I presume you've imported your users into TMS using TMSPE and are adding them as participants to the scheduled conference. Try and be as detailed as possible so we can understand what exactly the issue is. 

Can you tell us exactly how you're creating this conference in TMS, and how you're adding the Jabber users to the conference? Example, are you adding them using the "Users" tab when adding participants.

When scheduling the SX10, what do you mean you can't see or hear anything?

When scheduling a Jabber to Jabber, what notifications are you expecting to see or happen?

Thank Patrick

So i reinstall version TMS and TS