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Booking Polycom HDX via TMS



I´ve registrated a Polycom HDX-Endpoint via SIP on VCS and added it to TMS successfully. If i want to book the endpoint via TMS or TMSXE, I get an error, that there is no route beetween the Polycom and Cisco Endpoint.

I´ve seen, that TMS doesn´t get the SIP-URI or H.323-ID from Polycom. I prefer to use the SIP-URI, because the Polycom Endpoint uses H.323 already for a VBP Registration.

Any ideas?



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Garvan Long

TMS and TMSXE is going to give you the same result. I've seen a probelm in the past where TMS partially adds the HDX but you can't schedule calls to the device. ( TMS knows its there bit has no details about the system)

Have you tested what happens if you add the HDX as a room  with the configred URI instead of adding it as managed system?

If the HDX is on a TMS supported version of software an using room works then you should open a TAC case for TMS

Hi Garvan

to use the room type, you´ll need this:

Rafal Szeremeta
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hey Tino

What version of TMS and HDX you have?



Hi Rafal

HDX 8000 HD Version and TMS 13.2.

TMS supports only H.323 incoming scheduling with Polycom, but i would need SIP outgoing.

I was told, that this will get solved in TMS 14.1.

Generally, it would be helpful to be able to set all Scheduling Options on any third Party Endpoint or ´room´ type.



I am running TMS 14.1.1 and just added my HDX running version 3.0.3 and all i get is allow booking and allow remote booking.  nothing about incoming/outoging H323/IP/SIP calls at all.  to make matters worse we have the TIP license installed and so its reg to CUCM as 3rd party SIP endpoint.  i need ability to tell the HDX to place SIP calls only.


In TMS, Polycom systems are H.323 only. What you describe is not supported.


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Not sure, if the behavior has changed with TMS 14.1. In anyway only outgoing H.323 booking would be possible. As you write about TIP I suppose that you´re using OBTP and your requirement would be "incoming" booking to dial in manually from HDX.

The only (unsupported) way is to add the HDX as a Tandberg Device without Cisco Touch Support (e.g. MXP) and setting it to "behind firewall" to prevent, that TMS checks if the System is really a MXP or not. It´s easy if you own such a device. Otherwise you would have to hack into the TMS-DB. Of course, there will be no monitoring for this device, but often it´s more important to enable booking than monitoring an endpoint.

+1 for adding a "Booking Only" Device Type to a future TMS Release, where this can be done without any tricks.




What Kjetil says is correct, i.e. not supported.

And although I'm adovocate of 'anything is possible' but when I begin to read posts that include the words unsupported, hack and tricks all in the same post, I then become weary and I then have to put on my 'what we officially support' hat




I understand your point. In my view, it is a reasonable request especially during migration scenarios to book 3rd Party Endpoints via TMS.

Since TMS supports OBTP it´s not possible to book e.g. a Polycom Endpoint (which is officially supported w/o hacks and tricks) together with e.g. SX20 with Cisco Touch and OBTP.

That´s why I asked for a Booking Only Device Type.



Hi Tino,

Wasn't implying it was unreasonable request, just saying what's "officially" supported right now

I'd recommend opening an "official" FR via the TAC



FR has already been done with Version 13.1 and it was promised for 14.1, but the only change I´ve seen with 14.1.1 was to disable booking of "Room" Type using TMSXE. Not very helpful. Not sure, if they understood the request right.

That´s why I was forced to find this little dirty workaround, because of customer expectations regarding "Polycom Support by TMS".

Could be that it wasn't understood but I'd need a reference to check it out, i.e. defect number, etc


Do you know, if this has been implemented to 14.1.1 and how behavir has been changed?


[...] the only change I´ve seen with 14.1.1 was to disable booking of "Room" Type using TMSXE. Not very helpful. 

I am not aware of such a change. Can you please elaborate?

Best regards,


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