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C Series registration to 2 GK

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Level 1


Is it possible to register codecs (C series) with 2 different Gatekeeper?

Thx in advance

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If its for a failover you could use SRV records, but its still only one active at a time

and if its 2 different ones I would also not really recomend that. Also the address would

need to be the same.

So in short: No, thats not possible.

I think the e20 was the only device supporting different sip registrars at the same time,

but thats neither your device, nor the protocol you ask for :-)

If you just want to receive a call, maybe its possible to register it to one and make a

transform/search rule or use findme to map it to the other gk.

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Jens Didriksen
Level 9
Level 9

As Martin said, no, you cannot register with multiple h.323 GKs.

You can, however, register C-series to a maximum of 4 different SIP registrars.


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