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C60 Composite output disabled?

Luke Sykes

Good afternoon

I have a customer who has several codecs at his university, all that are on firmware versions TC3...

He uses the composite output on the codecs to connect to a streaming device which allows him to record conferences and also display the confereces on monitors in different locations, and also watch them livem remotely from his laptop using VLC media player.

The codec developed a fault and was RMA'd and naturally the replacement codec arrived with the latest firmware and now he is unable to stream content from the composite output.

Please can you confirm if, in later firmware versions (TC4 / TC5), the composite output has been disabled? And if so, why? and also if there is a way of re-instating it?

Many thanks


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Please check the configuration of the codec Admin Manual, page 70 , Video Output Composite section



Hi Cristian

Thank you for your reply

After further troubleshooting I have discoverd that there actually is an output from the composite port on the back of the C60, But it is just a black screen with a local picture in picture. Even in First, second and presentation only options in the menu, the composite port only displays either nothing, or the local PIP.

Is this something Cisco have done in a firmware upgrade? If so why? The composite output is ideal for customer to record their conferences and removing this capability seems absurd.

We have been through page 70 of the admin guide and it doesnt seem to resolve the issue. Are we missing something?

Kind regards



What you observe is the correct and current behaviour for composite output from TC5.x onwards.  There are no plans to revert back to the behaviour in TC3.x or prior releases.

This is mentioned in TC5 release notes, search for CSCtr32389



Apologies if I am re-opening an old thread, I still have an issue with the composite output of a C60.

I understand that the expected behavior is for the PIP to show and for there to be nothing else viewable I have however observed some additional behavior that I am finding rather alarming and doesn't make sense for stable output, even as previously described for the behavior I am observing.

In this particular instance which relates to this particular problem I have observed that

  • the video source will drop completely, there will be no signal synchronized with any output
  • the PIP if re-configured to show in the top left, after a period of a couple of hours will then revert to the bottom right and there is no user intervention to cause this

the PIP appearing to reset, even if the PIP is disabled on the web interface the PIP will then re-enable itself and show again in the bottom right.

I do have a tarball of logs if these would help let me know and I shall pass these across.



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