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C60 with H323 Status "Rejected: Registration retries expired"

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Level 1

I have a C60 running TC7.3.4 software and the H323 status shows "Rejected: Registration retries expired". The VCS shows a good registration but the codec will not make a call. Any ideas?

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Shashank Mahajan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This seems to be due to network issue between C60 endpoint and VCS.

You will need to look into the logs and packet captures from both VCS and C60 to confirm the same.

Thanks for the reply. The VCS shows it is registered. It shows registration accepted.

I would still suggest you to look into the logs and packet captures from both C60 and VCS.

Shefali Sharma
Level 1
Level 1


To confirm why exactly the registration is being rejected, please do the following:

1. Please make sure you are able to ping the VCS IP Address from your codec. It should be accessible.

**systemtools network ping**

2. Please make sure that you have done the correct H323 configuration setting:

Call Setup Mode: Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper Address: VCS_IP_Address

E164: Any_number

H323_ID: Any_number@VCS_IP_Address.

3. Go to System Configuration -> Network Services -> H323 Mode and turn 'Off' it.

4. Now, access the codec via Telnet/SSH and enter your codec credentials. Please save this output session.

5. Run the following debug command: 

**log output on**

6. Again, go to System Configuration -> Network Services -> H323 Mode and turn 'On' it.

7. Share the debug logs collected here.

Best Regards,

Shefali Sharma



Am trying to integrate the cisco DX80 into SFB server. I get the error below.

"Rejected: Registration retries expired"


Please am i missing.


I have attached my configuration.


My email:

Please let me know if you are on skype for business, so that we can communicate on that platform.


Hope to hear from you soon.






You can't register a Cisco TelePresence endpoint to a Skype for Business Server, as it uses a different type of SIP protocol than Cisco.  The DX80 it can only register to a standards-based H323/SIP call control server such as CUCM or VCS/Expressway.  If you want to enable video calling between Cisco and Microsoft, you will need Cisco Meeting Server or VCS/Expressway with Microsoft Interoperability Key.

Expressway Options with Cisco Meeting Server and/or Microsoft Infrastructure (Expressway X8.9.2)

Expressway and Microsoft Infrastructure Deployment Guide (X8.9)

Thank you very much, i will try to activate my cisco meeting server.
Does this apply to cisco teleprescense MX300 ?



that applies to all Cisco video endpoints that they cannot be registered at a SfB server. 

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Do you have more than one C60?  Is that registration you're seeing on the VCS actually another unit?

Try configuring different H323Alias E164 and IDs on the unit and see if that changes the message.

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