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Call back from CMR



I'm trying to get Call-Back from CMR cloud to my video system, I add the attach SRV records to the external DNS :

I unable to get call back, I think that the first SRV record is duplicated ( it connects to some other OCS for federation ) and cause us the issue.

I unable to see any logs at the Expressway E.

Could it be that this one is causing us the issue ?

Should I add some other SRV record ?


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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

What is the SIP domain of the endpoint you're trying to call?

SRV records should be in place for the SIP domain you're using and point to the Expressway-E, take a look at Appendix 2 in the Expressway X8.8 Deployment Guide for reference. 

We already did it.

Still doesn't work.

Any other ideas ?

What is the video address you're trying to dial from your CMR Cloud?

I did a lookup of that domain "" and there are not SRV records for either H323 or SIP. 

VCS Service Checker

SRV records need to be in place for the SIP domain on the external network and point to your Expressway-E. According to what you listed, the address used in the SRV record is incorrect, suggest you review the deployment guide I linked to in my earlier reply. 

The SRV records you should have are:

The target for each of these should be: (your Expressway-E)

The SRV records for H.323 shown in the original post (_h323cs.tcp) are not in the standard format (_h323cs._tcp) used and looked for in the lookup tools (attached).  Could that be a problem?

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