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Camera controls not working RoomKitPlus/QuadCamera/Touch10)

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A user in our Miami office is reporting a very strange issue. She states she cannot turn speaker-track on/off from the touch-10 in the room. I can turn it on and off from the web GUI and if I connect a touch-10 to the network at my desk in California and register it to that endpoint, I can control the camera and speaker track.

I am tempted blame the panel, however just certain controls not working sure doesn't sound like hardware to me...


Anybody experienced this before? Any suggestions? I'm having the user swap the panel with another room when she gets a chance.


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Hi Brian,

What version of software you use on codec ?

BR Oleksandr


Hi Brian,

I have same problem with one remote device with CE9.6.

User described same situation and sympthoms.

I thought upgrade may be resolve this issue. But i can't do uprgrade ((   No techican near room kit and i afraid lost touch panel pairing. 

Can you check your issue with last version CE9.15.3.26 ?

BR Oleksandr