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Cannot share presentation


Please bear with me as I am new to video.

I have a Profile 52 dual at one site and an SX20 at another site.  When trying to share a presentation from the Profile 52 dual we get a black screen on the Profile 52 Dual and the presentation is not shared.

The issue has only been reported with this one site.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Ravi Yadav

Hi Erick,

please check the presentation source seletced in the profile  unit

it may be choosen incorrectly it should be selected to PC . DVI I3  input port.

xConfiguration Video DefaultPresentationSource:

Value space: <1/2/3/4/5>

Range: Select the video source to be used as the presentation source.

Example: xConfiguration Video DefaultPresentationSource: 3

xConfiguration Video Input DVI [3]/[2..3] Type

Value space:

AutoDetect: Set to AutoDetect to automatically detect if the signal is analog RGB or digital.

Digital: Set to Digital to force the DVI video input to Digital when using DVI-I cables with both

analog and digital pins and AutoDetect fails.

AnalogRGB: Set to AnalogRGB to force the DVI video input to AnalogRGB when using DVI-I cables

with both analog and digital pins and AutoDetect fails.

AnalogYPbPr: Set to AnalogYPbPr to force the DVI video input to AnalogYPbPr, as the component

(YPbPr) signal cannot be auto detected.

Example: xConfiguration Video Input DVI 3 Type: AutoDetect

Which codec do you have in the profile unit check the ports accordingly.

if this is not the scenario

please share the xstatus and xocnfig logs so that we can look further.


Ravi kr.

When I place a call and check the settings from the touchpad it shows that presentation mode is off.    Am I able to turn presentation mode on somewhere?  Do I need to turn it on for all codecs or just the one trying to present?

Hi Erick,

i am assuming that the physical connections are correct here between codec and laptop.

do you see viewPC option  and then start presentation during the call ?

please make sure presentation policy under conference 1 setting is set to localremote.

xconfiguration conference 1 presentation policy: localremote

The connections are correct.  When not in a conference we can view the PC fine.  The presentation policy on all end systems is localremote.

I should have access to the isolated video network today to gather logs and look at local codec settings more closely.


Today it is working without any changes being made.

Bug toolkit doesn't show any bugs like this for my software version.  TC5.1.4.295090

Hi Erick,

is this codec behind a firewall?

are you making a call on lan or going out of your network.?

No firewalls.  This call is over our WAN.

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