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Cant establish communications between TMS and VCS

Paul Price
Level 1
Level 1

Im having problems establishing the communication link between TMS and VCS for provisioning.

Ive upgraded TMS to 13.2.2 and the VCSc and VCSe to 7.2 and installed TMSPE.

We did not use provisioning before upgrading.

We do have licences for PE on TMS and Provisioning Option on VCSc.

I have added VCSc to TMS and can manage. It says host name on TMS does not match and Ive tried inputting in connection tab but says it does not resolve. Im not sure if this is part of the issue or not.

I have input user domain\name and password used for Site Administrator in TMS when installing TMSPE and on the VCSc in the  provisioning tab in TMS  but none of the services sync. When I look at why services wont start it says there is an authentication problem.

Ive tried turning TLS encrytion off and on with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Did you check the hostnames which are set up on the TMS and the VCS if you can resolve them on both?

You have multiple places where you set up hostnames

* DNS: A, maybe CNAME and PTR records

* VCS: system/dns: local hostname/domain name, configuration/clustering: FQDN

* TMS: windows hostname, configuration/network: TMS Server Fully Qualified Host Name

See that these are streamlined.

Properly configured names and using the same DNS server on both the TMS and the VCS should help.

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

To fix the hostname mismatch you need to make sure DNS is in order as Martin is explaining.

Regarding your authentication issue it would be very nice to know the reason code. Is it 401 or 400 or something else?

I would check if the domain user is not disabled or make sure the password is correct etc. There are other threads in this forum discussing similar issues so if you search for your error message hopefully you will get some results in here.