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Change TMS IP


We have a customer that would like to change the IP address of their TMS Server. Does anybody in the community have guidance around changing the IP of the server? I know that it would affect IIS and endpoints, but I am not sure how the database would be affected and/or the TMS Agent.

Would there be any difference is the customer was using the TMS appliance as opposed to their own server?



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The newer TMS versions have specific fields to populate internal or external mgmt address, you must change this fields too

Administrative Tools > Configuration > Network Settings > Advanced Network Settings for Systems on Internal LAN

Don´t forget to change the DNS address (FQDN) or NAT to point to the new IP address. This affect Provisioning.

The mgmt setting in endpoints must be changed too (TMS can do this).

I hope that helps.


Thank you for the thoughts - I had considered both of these items. I was hoping somebody had a magic document with the steps

outlined, but I do not think that exists. I have made a document and will be implementing this for the customer shortly. I will reply back after the change in case something is different.



Sorry for dead thread resurrection, but I have just run into this situation.

I recall during deployment that we had issues with TMS database replication (internal to the TMS box) whenever we re-named it. I was hoping I wouldn't create any issues by simply moving it to another L3 domain.

When we deployed it, we had a heck of a time getting everything to be stable, but it was on a development LAN. Now, it's the last of the Tandberg stuff sitting on the old LAN, and I want to move it to the Subnet with VCS and MCU.

Will just simply re-IP'ing and editing the A record and in.addr record break anything ?


Upgrade your TMS to 13.2 and VCS to X7.2.1 and migrate to TMSPE then you won´t have the problem with replication in the old discontinued TMSAgent legacy. But if you are stuck with it you just need to make sure the FQDN of the VCS and the TMS are matching the IP´s of the respective units etc and are resolvable from both sides TMS can resolve the VCS FQDN and vice verca, on newer versions of TMS only forward lookup should be necessary.

But yes indeed the risk of getting into trouble with TMSAgent is quite high but nothing that cannot be fixed as long as you have a TMSAgent backup.

There is a good TMSAgent troubleshooting guide here in the forum that covers most of the most common issues and how to resolve them.


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