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Cisco Content Server 5.3


Trying to move from 5.3 (appliance) to 6.2 (virtual server). After running the migration tool (6.1) I realise there is no way to move the exported data directly to 6.2 in one go. Looks like I have to go via 6.0 first, however the 6.0 is not available. only 6.01. Which wont work. So I assume I should have upgraded 5.3 first. To late now!

And after export this happends to the server:

When the data export procedure is finished on the source Content Server, the Migration Assistant places the server in a mode suitable for returning to Cisco as part of the trade-in process:

  • The Content Server will no longer function.
  • All Content Server services are halted.
  • The Content Server will not accept calls to make recordings.

Question is: Any way to "revert" this so I can get this server up and running again?

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You should be able to migrate from S5.3.x to S6.2, I don't see it saying you can't in the install guide when migrating from an existing appliance.  You must be running S5.3.x, not S5.3.  You are correct, it's not possible to go to S6.0 because that is for the third-generation TCS appliance only as you've noted.

It's not easily possible to bring the TCS back online after you've run the migration assistant tool.  I've done it myself a year ago when I migrated our hardware TCS servers to virtual, but it wasn't easy and I don't recall how I did.  If you need to bring it back online now, I suggest you contact TAC.

The migration assistant tool should have moved all of your TCS S5.3.x data to a shared drive so that you can migrate it to the new virtual server when you bring it online - media, database, logs (pretty much everything that is on the E: drive will be copied).  After you get the VM TCS up and running, you should be able to run the migration tool to copy the TCS data to the new S6.2 server.

Can you tell us what you have done to this point, do you have a S6.2 TCS up and running, per the TCS 6.2 VM Install Guide.

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Hi, yeah I thought I was covered with the 5.3.x but turns out we have just 5.3 .. Not 5.3.2, hence it will tell me it doesnt work when I try to migrate data (but it still manages to clear every configuration we have done on the 6.2 (again). Also tells me to check the log, but not where I can find the log. People creating this software really should be fired you know..

So yes I've got a working 6.2 installation and the exported data is on a network share. Got the wmv's available there but of course I cant just import those to the new installation. That would be to easy wouldnt it?

Pretty much concluded I should have upgraded the software first.

Not sure it's worth the effort to bring the old server back online if its so difficult. Maybe just find a different solution to make the recordings available to people and continue with the fresh 6.2 from scratch.



Interesting that the migration tool didn't check the TCS version and warn you if you're not at the minimum version S5.3.x before copying the data off the server.  In their defense though, it's noted in the TCS 6.1 Migration Assistance Tool Guide, under Table 3.

You might can get away with copying the data to the S6.2 TCS yourself onto the E: drive.  It may work, but then again, it may not because it's unknown what if anything migration assistance tool does during the copy, if it makes any changes or updates the older S5.3 database to be put on the S6.2 server.

You're sort of at a point where, I'd highly suggest reaching out to TAC and having them help if your TCS appliance has an active service contract.  They should be able to either get the appliance back up with your current data so you can upgrade it to the version needed, or help with finding a way to get the migrated data on the virtual TCS.