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Cisco Expressway MRA Jabber Cannot communicate with the server

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I have been trying to deploy Expressway 12.6 MRA to allow jabber to use without VPN on lab but i've been getting some issues on the testing.


Was wondering if anyone could provide some inputs and suggestion if i've missed anything ?


I've configured all the DNS on both local and public and tested , works fine.


For Expressway-E i've been seeing various docs which mentions to configure the public domain for E but some mentions use local domain.


Local Domain - abc.local

A Record and SRV

  • SRV -


Public Domain -

A Record & SRV

[Public IP]

10 10 5061

10 10 8443






  • abc.local


The issue is if i use public domain ( on E:

  • the traversal zone on C show active and reachable but the zone on E shows as state failed.
  • Also when testing via the cisco collab edge validator tool, it shows t"Failed to retrieve the edge config from Expressway-E."


The issue is if i use local domain (abc.local) on E:

  • the traversal zones on both C and E shows active
  • Also when testing via the cisco collab edge validator tool it can connect to edge server configuration but mentions "The domain of the FQDN returned by the collab-edge SRV record is not the same as the domain set on VCS/Expressway-E." which i believe it means to use public domain.

The Exp C is configured with local domain (abc.local)


I've update the jabber-config-user.xml file with update VoiceServicesDomain to public domain ( and when testing its and getting "cannot communicate with the server" and the diagnostics shows 

Domain Controller - The Specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted."


Many Thanks

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1. Do you have public signed certificate for expressway-e?

2. are you using 2 nic deployment or single nic deployment in Expressway-E?

3. do you have DNS zone inside your dns server? 

if you can answer above queries i can help you.

Local Domain - abc.local

A Record and SRV

  •>>>>  u need to use not local remove the  entry and  i don't  think there is a need to use voice domain. 

The Expressway E configuration should be dual nic. create A subzone in internal DNS for and create A record in this zone for pointing to expressway internal nic IP address. upload  expressway E public signed certificate on E with Root CA. upload the Public  root CA on Expressway C. Upload the internal Root CA(which signed Expressway C) on  expressway E. 


note:- when generating CSR from Expressway E make sure that u select/enter  the DNS/Collab edge option and mentioned ur public domain. 


Expressway E san should have the public domain name. 

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ON expressway E, External Domain name should be mentioned in the unified CM registration domain as DNS or COllab Edge when generating the CSR. so you need to purchase SAN or multi domain certificate from public CA.


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