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Cisco SpeakerTrack 60

Nick Boylan
Level 1
Level 1

Hello all, 


Has anyone had any experience with SpeakerTrack 60?


We have recently installed it but found the response time very disappointing.  The codec is on the latest version and the command 'XConfiguration Experimental FastSpeakerTracker: On' has been entered but its still really slow to respond. 

The installation is as per the deployment guide with the camera being over 1.2m away from the speakers etc. 


The meeting room has a large glass wall at the back and the mic is by the camera's. The speakers come across very clear so I'm doubting its the acoustics of the room that are effecting the performance. 


Can anyone suggest anything?


Thank you


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Nick Boylan
Level 1
Level 1


Hi Nick,

It looks like room acoustics issue , You can try to install in other room and see what is result .


Kind regards,



thank you all for your replies, it looks like we've fixed the issue!

Its a strange fix but it seems to have worked. 

We simply swapped the HDMI cabled over on the back of the camera's. The tracking response has dramatically improved. 

There is nothing on the installation guide to say which camera inputs should go to which camera but it seems that they need to be connected correctly.

Very strange 

Thanks again everyone 



Could you also define whats "really slow to respond"?

It will not instant switch, but it should not be really really slow, but at least not fast.


Did you see the Cisco demos, like:

There you get a feeling how the wanted behavior is.


Maybe posting a video how it behaves on your site could be interesting, also to see how the room looks.


Any special things in the room or surrounding which generate noise?

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