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Cisco TMS only supports adding one Unified CM cluster

Jon Brademeyer

TMS version 14.5 and above contains a statement in the Admin Guide regarding the number of CUCM servers that can be added to TMS.  

"Cisco TMS only supports adding one Unified CM cluster".

This statement was not in 14.4.x and below.

We have a customer that has TelePresence Immersive Systems registered to two separate CUCM clusters.  First CUCM cluster is already established in TMS and working fine with Immersive endpoints set up in TMS.

Does anyone have any insight into why this statement was added and/or what issues we could run into if we attempt to add the second CUCM Cluster to TMS?

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jon,

I see this statement in lower version of TMS as well, like in 14.1 ( page 37 )


Does anyone have any insight into what issues we could run into if we attempt to add the second CUCM Cluster to TMS?

We successfully added two clusters with TMS 14.3.2.

Now we are at TMS 14.5.0 and no problems with that.

Thanks Viktor.  Do you have the endpoints on both CUCM clusters set up as "Unified CM Registered" or "Unmanaged" endpoints?


- Unified CM registered: Adding endpoints already registered to Unified CM to Cisco TMS provides limited management options. The following feature set is available to systems that were registered to Unified CM prior to addition to Cisco TMS:
View settings
Conference Control Center
Phone Books

- Unmanaged endpoint: Adding an endpoint as an Unmanaged Endpoint is normally done for any system that is not directly supported by Cisco TMS. Endpoints not directly supported by Cisco TMS or Cisco TMSPE can be added as Unmanaged Endpoints, where Cisco TMS does not have any control over the system, but makes it available for booking. 

Actually all ours TP-enpoints registered at one cluster. The other cluster is for testing only now.

I thougtht the point is adding another cluster into TMS.

From what we are hearing, it appears you could add Unmanaged endpoints from a second CUCM cluster which would allow you to schedule these from TMS, but not manage them (no importing of endpoints). There is a rumor that there is only one CTI service provider in CUCM/TMS so management is limited to one cluster as this is a peer to peer connection.  We are trying to confirm this.

Michael McGary
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We are working on correcting the documentation issue. Cisco TMS supports multiple Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters. The only caveat is that inter-cluster prefixes are not supported, but as long as you have a flat dial-plan, add as many CUCM clusters as you need.

Hi guys. I am new in videoconferencing so don't judge me :) .

1 What does "adding" CUCM cluster to TMS give ?

2  I have TMS, TPS, VCS in another country so can  integrate CUCM to TMS over mpls link ?

3 I think i can have 2 different/separate call routes for calls connecting to webex and for calls between TMS registered endpoints and my CUCM_registered_and_integrated_to_TMS endpoints , correct ? 

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