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CMS Integration with O365 w/on-prem infrastructure in a dual-homed configuration

Anthony Thomson

Hi, I have a lack of clarity with respect to this solution (CMS Integration with O365 w/on-prem infrastructure in a dual-homed configuration).

I've a client that wants to do this, and use the WebRTC client (not CMA).

It appears that the documentation tells me that this is supported in one place, using Expressway for TURN edge services, and another it seems to say that you have to have CMS TURN edge services.

Can someone lend some clarity here? I'd really like to avoid using CMS Edge, because that just seems to add a lot of complexity to the solution.

We're looking for a setup like the one shown on page 9 of "Cisco Expressway Options with Cisco Meeting Server and/or Microsoft Infrastructure" guide (x8.9.2). This shows CMS Core only, no edge. VCS-centric infrastructure.

I think that S4B domain must be different than the Cisco UC domain, for routing purposes, but I can't seem to recall where I got that from. Is that correct?

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CMS Edge is required if you want to use the CMA thick clients (Windows, Mac, IOS), you can use VCS/Expressway for WebRTC and O365.  With wanting to do WebRTC and O365, you'll want to go by the following in the Expressway/CMS guide you mention:

  • "Named Federation" Video Calls Between Cisco-based and Microsoft-based Organizations
  • Web Proxy for Cisco Meeting Server

It's recommended to use a separate domain, however you can use the same, though you might run into some routing issue and call loops if you're not careful.

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