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CMS webbridge through expressway don’t work in iPhone

Carlos Olortiga

We have enable webbridge in CMS and publish by expressway. Everything  works fine except in iPhone. Documentation say meeting app dont work through expressway so the only option is use browser with webrtc support. No problem in windows and Android, but in IOS al browser try to use the meeting app. Is there any browser in IOS which support the meeting app web client? Or is there any or her solution?


thanks in advance

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Ratheesh Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi there

Please check this and see that helps you.




When user joins as guest using CMS 2.3 Webbridge using Internet Explorer or Safari (any browser that allows Cisco Meeting App to be cross-launched), the link to download CMA client doesn't appear.

Any browser that allows cross-launching Cisco Meeting App when using with CMS 2.3 Webbridge

Revert to previous CMS 2.2 version or if keeping CMS 2.3, use Chrome browser.



Hope this Helps


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Hi Rath,

unfourtanly, this is not the case. The problem is: cma application dont work through expressway. So the only way is use webrtc supported browsers like Chrome, but even Chrome dont work in IOS. The answer is: Is there any browser in IOS which works as cma client itself ( not only ask me to install the app)?



Hello Carlos, you say: "Documentation say meeting app dont work through expressway". Can you tell me in which documentation you found this?


Thx, Geert

I don't believe iPhone supports WebRTC. I read that Safari 11 does support WebRTC but not sure how good that is. On top of that, we support WebRTC app only for MacOS, Win and Android -

So for your solution, the access will be through CMA. Now as you are already aware that CMA does not work with Ewy solution since CMA XMPP traffic cannot be proxied by Ewy, you would need to deploy a CMS-Edge with load balancer and trunk to CMS-Core.

CMS-Edge is not the recommended solution moving forward. Expressways are the preferred solution. There is a enhancement on this already -

Another option could be to assign a public IP to another interface on the XMPP server(s), have XMPP listen on this new interface and have the _xmpp-client SRV record on the public DNS resolve to this public IP.

I´m experiencing similar situation using CMS 2.4 and Expressway 8.11.1 acting as reverse proxy.  I cannot join a meeting as guest using iPhone. The Safari presents a message to open CMA App for Desktop and launch the App but don´t join. And if I copy the link and paste directly at the CMA App it doesn´t join either.


Chrome works fine on windows (both login and guest conenction).


Any ideas?


Just found on CMS-Web-Proxy-Deployment-Guide_X8-10:
"This document describes how to use Cisco Expressway Series as a Web Proxy for Cisco Meeting Server. This reverse
proxy enables Cisco Meeting WebRTC Apps to join Cisco Meeting Server spaces, via the web bridge.

Expressway cannot currently traverse calls from other variants of Cisco Meeting App when they are outside the
network. This functionality can be provided by using the Meeting Server Load Balancer and TURN server

It look like this is the case, It is not possible to join from Cisco Meeting App (iOS), because it is a variant and the reverse proxy will handle on webrtc from browsers. Can someone confirm this please? thanks

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Expressway will support Web Proxy for WebRTC-enabled browsers. CMA thick clients like Desktop/mobile clients won't work, this is a current Expressway limitation. You can look into deploying a "CMS Edge" (legacy/acano solution for Edge functionality) node for this purpose if this is really important for you but that it not the recommended solution.



Do you have a CMS Edge deployed also?  iPhone does not support WebRTC, and when they receive the link on an iPhone, it opens a browser, and then after entering their name, and hitting Join, it tries to open the Cisco Meeting App, which will need to find the SRV _xmpp-client._tcp.domain publicly that points to CMS Edge. Currently Expressway does not support XMPP used by CMA. If you don’t have a CMS edge server, it is not going to be possible to have iPhones join as guests using the Join URL.

In order to get iPhones to be able to click a link, they will need come in as a XMPP guest client. That is why you would need to configure a CMS Edge server with a load balancer and trunk to CMS Core., page 23, section 2.4.1

Hope this answers your question.



Hi Shashank,

is the limitation you mentioned about iPhone still valid for CMS 2.7 with Expressway 8.11.4 (no CMS edge)? as I'm using this setup and iPhones can't join at all with an message "Lost connection to server attempting reconnect".

or if anyone faced the same please let me know


We have CMS Core and Edge solution implemented and working fine with CMA on iPhone and any other devices like MAC or windows.

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