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Conference Extension


Hi guys

Currently having an issue with conference extensions. Can't seem to get them to work, have tried every combination of settings in TMS > Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings

Are there any caveats in this working? TMS version is 15.3.0 - conductor is XC4.3 - TPS is 4.3(1.13)



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Can you tell us more about the issues your facing and what you're hoping to happen?

To read about the Conference Extension feature, refer to the TMS 15.3 Admin Guide on pg 239.

Currently users book a conference by creating an appointment in Outlook with the VC units added as resources, TMSXE then adds the units to the scheduled conference and auto connects them at the desired time

The issue is when it comes to the end of the scheduled time the conference is being torn down. I'm sure my settings are correct in Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings within TMS - not sure where else I need to be checking.....

Can you tell us or provide a screenshot of your conference extension settings within TMS?

If you look at the event logs for a conference in question, it should provide you some information to why the conference was not extended.

Ok I figured out the issue, the conference will extend. I was creating conferences for 2-3 minutes for testing purposes to see if they would extend.

This doesn't allow the conference enough time to extend, before the conference starts in the Event Log there's a message "Your meeting was not automatically extended because no meeting participants are connected. For some reason the check to see whether participants are still connected happens ~6 minutes before the end of the conference. Not sure if this is configurable but I couldn't find it in any documentation.

Thanks Patrick for the guidance

That makes perfect sense as to what you were experiences, as you pointed out, the extension process initiates around the 5 minute mark before the conference is scheduled to end.  Unfortunately, this isn't a configurable setting.  The extension process does require at least one participant to be connected to the conference, TMS will not extend an empty conference.

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