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CPCM 1.2 - Issues with VCS 7.2

Dean O'Meara


We have recently implimented CPCM 1.2 again and this time around we are not getting session monitoring. I can see on the VCS that calls are taking place however within Session Monitoring in CPCM it doesnt show calls & In turn stops us logging video usage.

We suspect it has something to do with us upgrading the VCS's to Version 7.2 as we added a VCS that is on 7.1 and we could see the current calls.

Has anyone experienced this problem and if so does any kinow a fix?


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Dean O'Meara

Anyone managed to look at this?

Rising star
Rising star


as far as I know, Prime uses VCS feedback events to collect data about calls.

The XML syntax for some of these events changed in X7.2, which actually caused a problem with VCS CDR records in TMS (Tracked in CDETS CSCub58677) as TMS uses some of these feedback events to generate CDR's.

It is quite possible that this XML syntax change also affects Prime's ability to gather and interpret session data about calls taking place on the VCS.

This issue will be addressed in a future maintenance release of the VCS software (So that CDR's will work again in TMS), although I can't say for sure if the bugfix will also correct the issue in Prime, assuming the problem you are seeing is caused by the same issue.

- Andreas

Maintenance release X7.2.1 is released and now available from

Would be great (and interesting) if you can check whether issue still present even after you upgrade VCS to X7.2.1.

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