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DHCP server TMS option (242)



I have a Cisco TMS and tens of systems getting their IP-addresses from a DHCP server. I know that the DHCP server can be set up to provide the TMS address automatically (option 242). The DHCP servers I'm using are on Windows server 2008 R2. I have only found instructions for setting the TMS option up for Windows server 2003 based systems. Is there anyone who could help setting it up? Any instructions available anywhere? Anyone who has it working and in use with Windows Server 2008 R2?

Any input will be most appreciated!

Best regards,


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Hi Eero,

You will need first to define a new DHCP option before to able to apply it to a scope. Take a took at these links for more details :

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Sorry for my late response.

The option has been put into the DHCP server and it affects all the scopes of the server - it's a server option.

But what should the vendor class ID be? We should know what vendor class ID is configured on the clients (by default), it's a mandatory field in the server and it just has something in it at the moment.

Do you have experience of successfully using this? Anyone?


dhclient.conf shoud give you the answer you are looking for:

[Thomas-Bonhomme-Office:/etc] $ cat dhclient.conf

# Wait before giving up

timeout 20;

# Retry after holding for another 30 seconds

retry 30;

# Wait a few seconds after receiving an offer to

# see if we get a better deal from another server

select-timeout 5;

# TAA-specific

option local-tms-server code 242 = ip-address;

# As specified by RFC

option local-sip-servers code 120 = domain-list;

option cisco-tftp code 150 = array of ip-address;

interface "eth0" {

    send host-name "Thomas-Bonhomme-Office";

    send vendor-class-identifier = "TANDBERG:Codec:1.0";

    request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, routers, domain-name,

            domain-name-servers, host-name, ntp-servers,

            local-tms-server, local-sip-servers, tftp-server-name,



Hi Thomas,

Cisco's documentation speaks about:

"and defining its value which should be the IP or the DNS name of the Cisco TMS server"

But you have defined:

option local-tms-server code 242 = ip-address;

Is it so, that it cannot actually be FQDN?

Same issue on here.

Cisco's documentation are still speak about W2000/W2003. I know that DHCP has not been changes so much, but still...

Is there any why to debug on the client site, why this is not working?

And if I'm even more specific:

Config 1:

When creating the new option type, what should be the data type for option 242? As you know, it can be: Byte, Word, Long, Long Integer, IP Address, String, Binary, Encapsulated

Config 2:

Is there requirements of the Vendor Class? Or can it be free word?

Config 3:

Shall the option be user class or vendor class?

Config 4:

If the option is user class, what user class shall I use? And again the options are:

- Default BOOTP Class

- Default Network Access Prtection Class

- Default Routing and Remote Access Class

- Default User Class

Anybody knows?

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