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Dialing external URI's from CUCM


Hello all,

I'm playing around a bit with the integration between Cisco CUCM and Cisco VCS.

Internally everything is working fine. I can call from a Cius (registered to CUCM) to an MX200 (registered on VCS) and vice versa.

My question now is, is it possible to dial from this Cius for example to an external video device ( like I would do with my MX200?

I'm coming from the Tandberg business so I'm not yet very familiar with CUCM but as far as I know it's only possible to dial numbers on CUCM right?

Is there a possibility to route every call on CUCM to my VCS infrastructure (which also includes a VCS Expressway)?

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Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Peter,

You can use the SIP route pattern on the CUCM for this. Create the SIP domain routes and select the SIP trunk to VCS.

under cucm call routing--> sip route pattern you can define the domains for which you want to send the call through VCS traversal solution.

I have seend this working where customer was using CUPC client to make the calls to other domains. Even Ex90 registered on CUCM can be used for this purpose.



Hm yes I was also thinking about this.

But then I have to create entries for every domain I want to call?

Basically I want be able to call any domain.

You will have to upgrade to CUCM 9.x for that to work to any domain.

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Hi Peter,

check the link i posted..

Domain name examples:,, *.com, rtp-ccm[1-5]

Valid characters for domain names:

[, -, ., 0-9, A-Z, a-z, *, and ].

IPv4 address examples: or (explicit IP host address); (IP subnet); (IP subnet).

Valid characters for IP addresses

: 0-9, ., and /

I think you should be able to set something like this on CUCM.

*.com, *.in, *.org

although i never tried it.



I just tried with *

Seems to be working only half because I'm only able to dial E164 numbers @ domain and not H323 ID's or SIP uri's.

I will try with CUCM9

Any idea if there are demo versions available?

I'm now running a demo version with limited licenses of 8.6.2

I had CUCM9 running in Bèta but these licenses have expired.

Easiest to do a SIP route pattern from UCM of *.* which points out your SIP trunk to your VCS.

Simon Battye


This is something im also interested in seeing working, i have a CUCM V9 lab with phones, Jabber for Windows and Cius registered locally.

I've got a SIP trunk to VCS, and all VCS parameters are configured accordingly to reslove URI calls over the internet using DNS.

The only problem i have, is that i'm unable to get the 'phone' icon when i type a SIP URI of @ in the Jabber for Windows search field, i get the icon if it is the format of @.

I guess this seems similar?

Hi Simon,

if i am not are registering the jabber for windows on cucm as normal extensions.

if yes, then i want to give you this information that jabber for windows still doesn't support the URI dialing. if you put the extension then you will get the option to call.

last i heard is it would be supported by cucm 9.0 but some says 9.1 or etc.

Let me check and give you the needed information.




My JforW client registers a DN to CUCM, but it also has a Directory URI of @; at the moment i'm running V9.0.0.99101-22.

I may be wrong, but i thought the main aim around version 9, was to accomodate URI dialling?

Peter, i would probably have a chat with your cisco representative, not sure how publically available V9 demos are at the moment.

Cheers, Simon


check this

clearly mentioned the format dialing not supported. i don't as of now the cucm ver that will support it.

so let me check and give an update.


You're right, as per usual

The ability to dial external domains via the VCS architecture is something I’m keen to see!

Apparently now you also have to pay for demo/lab licenses according to my Cisco representative... 275$

You can still register for 90-day evaluation versions though.

How about IP address dialing?

I was testing with this but I can't get this to work.

So I created a SIP Route Pattern with an IPv4 address of an internal video system but when I try to call that IP address, the call does not get forwarded to the Trunk.

Do I have to do something extra to enable IP address dialing?

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