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Display Company Name on Outgoing Calls


I am a business-side user of IPCC Express with CallManager 4.1. I have the business need to ensure that outgoing calls from our call center display the company name and not the phone number. Any quick info or links to how this can be done? THANKS!!!

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Brandon Buffin

The name that is displayed is determined by the caller ID number or ANI that you send out. You will need to contact your carrier to have them match that number to a name. This would also allow you to send out different ANIs that would match up to different names. So, if you call out using 1112223333, the caller ID name is Company A and if you call out using 3334445555, the name is Company B which can prove very beneficial is some circumstances.

While you can make this request to your local carrier, caller ID name is actually determined by the terminating carrier. So when you call out, the call recipient's carrier does a database lookup to resolve your ANI to a name. That being said, it can sometimes take some time for your name to appear across all carriers.

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Thanks! I appreciate the quick answer.

Have CME and CUE, our local carrier cannot display the company name other than the caller ID name from CME. Our caller ID name are field with user name, internal search purpose. When we call out, is their a way to replace the user name by the company name?

Talk with your carrier. Normally, the name that they display is based on a lookup in their database based on the ANI that you're sending out. It is not based on the name that you send out.


Here in Canada, our local carrier are not allowed to do that anymore. Do you know a script to fix our problem ? Thanks,

What happens if no name is sent out at all ?

This must be peculiar to Canada as another person in the IPT forum is asking for the same.

We ask our local provider to stop to send our call ID name. Because you know, internally it's the same field usage for the directory research fonctionnality. We want a work around to change the call ID name by our company name in the same time the call ID number is send to the local provider. Any idea how to? Thanks,


as mentioned in the other thread, a TCL/IVR script should be able to do that.

But, my question is: what is shown on the called phone when you do not send a name at all, using "no isdn outgoing display-ie" ?

Only our phone number is displayed. Thank you for your help.


There is some rule or regulation for this?

I've a customer on Toronto with CUCME 9.0, that is requiring me to enable a Corporative ANI without modifyng tha names on ephone-dn?


Andres Pasten


To my knowledge this is simply a choice by Canadian carriers regarding the handling of caller ID name. You would need to talk to your carrier to see if they can overwrite name for outgoing calls.


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