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Dual Display Profile 52/C60

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I have a customer that had sever C60 profile 52 dual display systems. These endpoints had the multi-site option key.

I recently put in an MCU 4501 for them and enabled multiway.

With the dual display systems using jsut multi-site, when room A called rooms B and C, each was displayed on it's own display. Now that the MCU is used when ever they add the third room, it push the image only to one display. I can change the display format using the templates in the MCU, but that does not get the image to both displays.

Is there a way to have the same display behaviour they had with Multisite using the MCU? Meaning if there are only three rooms in the conference, then each room is displayed on it's own display.



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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

There are some benefits of using multiway (like that any participant can be dialed up to get joined in the conference).

Besides that prefer Multisite, Virtual meeting rooms, ....

In our old way with the mutliway on the endpoint also only the multiway host has this capability,

the other remote sites would show a combined picture was well.

What you are thinking of is more the Telepresence way like the T3/Telepresence server is offering .

In short for your deployment and today: no, there is  no usable way, as  the mcu will only show the one combined picture on the  first screen and  a possible presentation on the other.

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Agreed. The disparity between MultiWay and MultiSite provides a very challenging experience for an unsavvy end user as well as make support difficult as well. We are only using MultiWay for scheduled conferences with a large number of participants, for Movi users, and for E20's. All other endpoints are using their inherent MultiSite option.

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