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DX90 Audio issues

I currently have a DX90 Telecon system, and having audio issues with the mute button. The issue is that when I press the mute button, it mutes the other side, but when I unmute, it is still muted for them. This last time I was in a call, I didnt even press the mute buttom and the other end said my "Far Fetched Microphone was shut off". 

If anyone has any idea whats going on, I would glady appreciate the help.


Thank you.

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Rising star
Rising star

What are we actually talking about here - a Cisco what? There is a DX70 and a DX80, but no DX90. Assuming it's one or the other - what software version are you running?


As for the mute button - when you press the mute button, it mutes your microphone, it does not "mute the other side". 


You have in quotes a message that I'm sure is not a Cisco message, I'm sure there is no messages about "far fetched" microphones. 


Sorry for all the questions - I'd like to help but I'm not at all clear on what you have and what your problem is. 


Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Can you please double check the model of the device you are using, there is no "DX90" - there are DX70, DX80 and EX90.

Also, if you let us know what software version it is running (TC7.x?  CE8.x?  CE9.x?  Something earlier?) and what Call Control platform (VCS, CUCM, Standalone) you are using, that may assist us to help pinpoint where your issue may be.

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