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Echo on C40 after long standby

Hi all,

Our customer said that one of their C40s (TC3.1.2)  sent much echo to farend after standby of one week.

But it was resolved by a reboot.

This C40 is always on standby because it is used as their one of hot standby codecs to dial other codecs immediately in emergency.

I think we should recommend them a periodical restart it if that can be a workaround.

Does anyone know if Cisco has recommendation for periodical restart?

ex) We should restart a codec once a week or twice a week etc...

Anyway we should upgrade it to the latest software version.

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

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Teck Chye Tang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

i don't think we have encounter such problem before, if you still experience this with latest software, then this is something that need to be look into further.

Ravi Yadav
Level 4
Level 4

Hi Kotaro,

Upgrading the unit should fix this issue as its going away after a reboot

Ravi kr.

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