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EX60 not supporting ICE? Then how the media path worked from Internet calling scenairo?


Hi, Experts

When two Jabber video clients call each other, it may estalish the STUN when two client calling each other from Internet, then I guess it will shown as "Non-traversal call" in VCS Expressway; Also, it may estalish an TURN Relay when STUN failed, then the VCS Expressway will shown an "Traversal Call with certain amount of TURN Relays, but the behavior will be different when trying on the hardware video endpoing point, like EX60, I found when EX60 calling from Internet to certain endpoint, say another Jabber Video in internet, the VCS exressway shown an Traversal call, but there isn't any TURN Relays for that....I captured the packet from the path and I found the Jabber video received the media packet not from EX60 directly, instead, it comes from the VCS Expressway, at least the source IP address of the media packet from VCS Expressway

So my question/confusion here is, what's the different between two Jabber Video call each to each from Internet compared with two EX60? I do clear for the ICE=STUN or TURN Relay, but if EX60 not supporting ICE, what's the machanism to fork the media to VCS expressway and then relay to the other end?

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Why is that scenario "unfortunately?

You said it yourself, in the first scenatio the TURN relay is used, in the other scenario not.

The EX60 does not support STUN/TURN/ICE by today.

You'll notice it on the license usage as well as on the ports used on the VCS.

TURN Calls:

TURN server portSTUN

TURN relays port range