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EX60/Touch Screen security config ?'s

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Level 1

In the process of replacing our old 1000MXP endpoints with new EX60 units. Trying to lock things down real tight for security purposes. Set a password to prevent user access to the admin settings through the touch panel. Is it possible to drill down further and prevent the network config info from being viewed on the touch panel, similar to how it can be done on the MXP series with the OSD PasswordViewAdminSettings option? Also, I would like the either the system name, H323 ID, E164 alias or to be displayed on the top center of the touch panel and the top left of the endpoint monitor. Currently the IP address of the endpoint is displaying.

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Not sure if its possible to lock the display of the settings on the touchpanel.

You can not change where it is shown, but you can change what is shown, at least with TC5 and up,

its an xconfiguration command:

xConfiguration SystemUnit ContactInfo Type ?

*? xConfiguration SystemUnit ContactInfo Type:

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Thanks for the info. Which API reference guide is your source? I could not locate one specifically for the EX series.

Changing the xConfiguration SystemUnit ContactInfo Type from Auto to E164Alias was what I was after. Would have the IA folks breathing easier if the generic system info page on the touch screen could be locked out.

Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Password protection for admin settings on EX series Endpoint is available by configurating the password with “xCommand SystemUnit MenuPassword Set Password(r): S: < 0, 255 >” command.

The IP address display on touch panel will replace with H.323 ID, E.164 Alias or SIP URL once EX Endpoint registered on Gatekeeper or SIP Register (once it become active registration status).

Thanks for the response. I already have access to the admin settings password protected. I need display of those settings via the system information page on the touch panel to also be password protected. There is nothing stopping anyone with physical access to the touch panel from viewing the system information.

Also, even though I had previously registered the endpoints to my VCS the IP addresses continued to display on the monitor and the touch screen. Following Martin's suggestion above is how I was able to remedy that aspect of the situation.