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EX90 Provisioning Through Expressway Failure



I have an EX90 I am trying to provision.

I can successfully provision it when it is on the customers network and can make calls to it and it’s getting the correct phonebooks, but I am unable to provision remotely.

Jabber users provision correctly internally and externally.

VCS Control and VCS Expressway, each have Active Directory (direct) authentication.

EX90 SW is 5.1.3, VCSe X7.2, VCSc X7.2, TMS 13.2.2.

I have factory default the EX90 and run the provisioning wizard, I complete the username, password, domain and external IP managers IP address (which changes to the DNS name of the VCSe when I try to register) but it fails with Configuration failed.

There are no firewalls between the endpoint and the VCSe, and like I say a jabber user registers correctly. The templates on TMS are set as below:

Phonebook   Server Type


Phonebook   Server URL

Provisioning   Connectivity


Provisioning   ExternalManager Address

Provisioning   ExternalManager Domain

Provisioning   Mode


Public   SIP Server Address

SIP   Profile DefaultTransport


SIP   Profile Outbound


SIP   Server Address

Any ideas?

Many thanks

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Martin Koch

Most often its a problem with the authentication. Please check the vcs-c and -e as well as the authentication  provisioning deployment guides.

You can set some parameters (like the public sip server address) to be only valid for specific endpoint

types, check that its generic and that you uploaded the xml device templates for the ex90 to the TMS.

(should be in place as you said its working internal).

The EX90 will not work with the AD-NTLM authentication, you need the password either in the local

database (which can come from the TMSPE as well, which provisioning method TMSPE or TMS Agent

do you use?) or an ldap h.350 database.

Where do you have the provisioning key installed, default would be only on the VCS-C?

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

We are using TMSPE, and the provisioning key is installed on the VCS control.

I have set up a local database user on both the VCSc and VCSe

I can register the device manually by setting the sip settings on the endpoint, but still can't get it to provision.

I have set the templates as my post above.

Many thanks for your help.


What do you see in the log files ? Do have sync the PE VCS . Do you assign the right template to the right group or users on the TMS?

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The provisioning seems to be working, ie the template details are being pushed to the endpoint, but there is no register event from the endpoint coming to the VCS.

I have syncronised the VCS from TMS.

I have the correct template for the EX90, on the right software release.



Enable the Debug mode on VCSE and try to register again and see what detail error you see in the logs for subscribe message for that EX90. also you can post the detailed error message on your EX90 in here for further inspection.

To get this working we have had to set both the sip server and the public sip server to the VCS expressway.

We also have an issue that when these EX90s are provisioned, they always register as an internal registration.

The Ex90 does believe it should use the internal server address in this case and that is due to the connectivity mode. The connectivity mode is returned by the NOTIFY message during the provisioning phase return the mode “auto”. According to ex90 documentation when provisioning connectivity is set to auto the endpoint will discover which server to connect to using NAPTR queries. The NAPTR response needs to have a “e” flaq then external configuration will be requested otherwise the registration will be internal. ( p 74)

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