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EX90 / TC5.1.8 - no http, https, telnet, SSH or outbound video

Lester Wilson


Customer has an EX90 running TC5.1.8.303428 software. 

The unit was working fine before.  Now it's having some issues.  It is connected to the network and we can ping it over the network.  The unit is also able to register to the VCS Control for H.323 (they're not using SIP).  It can make and receive calls just fine.

Problem they're having is it cannot be accessed via HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet or SSH.  Also, when in a call, the other end cannot see video from the EX90 (however they can hear the EX90, and the EX90 can see and hear the other end).  The camera works - can see myself in self-view). 

Additionally, in TMS, it sees the EX90, but shows "No HTTP response" in red under status. 

Because there's no serial port on this device, I cannot go in and troubleshoot via command line.  And since I can't get in the web UI, I cannot reinstall software.  I rebooted, repowered, etc.  No luck. 

Any ideas?  Right now they don't have SmartNET for this unit (it's in the works) but they do need it up and running now. 


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Lester,

are you pushing settings on this ex90 through TMS template ?

try to check the SSH, telnet, https, https settings under the template which is applied to endpoint by TMS.

if every thing is enabled in template setting, reboot the system so that it get updated config from TMS template

Martin Koch


The ex90 has a serial port, but with a different layout and signal level (ttl),
Check the documents section of the forum, you will find some info on how to make a cable.

If the touchscreen works fine you could also do a factory reset.

Sure that you use the right ip? I would double check that on the endpoint / touch panel.

Did you try to connect from a computer which is in the same layer 2 network?
Sure that there is no firewall blockig your Traffic?

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Lester Wilson

The unit was working fine - then it was moved to another building, got a new IP address via DHCP and then the problems started.  And this was before TMS was up and running so it doesn't appear to be a template issue - not having any trouble with their C40's running TC5.1.8. 

I even tried giving the EX90 and my laptop static addresses in the same subnet and connecting directly to it - and still no luck.  We can ping it anywhere from the network - and I don't believe they are firewalling between subnets.  Looks like traffic is routing without problems so I don't think it's their network and the IP address is fine.  Double/triple checked that.

I'll have to return to the site and try your suggestions. 

Thanks guys!

The other things I would check:

Vlan and tagging options.  I had some very weird behaviour recently from a C60 that was moved to another switch - Vlan was previously set to "Auto" but once I moved it to a different switch, I couldn't get it to respond at all despite several reboot attempts.  I had to switch it back to Vlan voice: off, then switch it back to auto and it worked.

I've also had an issue where I couldn't browse to a unit (but SSH worked fine) which was fixed by lowering the network MTU on the codec.

Neither of these sound exactly the same as the problem you are having but they're probably worth checking.

Hellu Lester,

If you get "No HTTP response" on TMS for Ep. you cannot push templete throu TMS.

i read above you said

"I even tried giving the EX90 and my laptop static addresses in the same  subnet and connecting directly to it - and still no luck."

Did you tried a goot eternet cable.

The cable has to be crossover cable. Ive seen straight thorugh cables givings RTOs.

Make sure that yur Laptop is congifured with Gateway = ip address of codec (static)

(needless becuse its same subnet but please do that)

if its registerd to VCSc then i am sur its not the hardware fault with NIC of Ex 90.

***** Just now came to my mind******

check at bac of Ex 90.. have you connected the eternet cable to laptop NIC port or ethernet port.

(ther are 2 NIC ports at back)

make sur that its connected to ethernet port.

please post yur outcome. i will answer again if i know.

I thank you


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