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Fix transmit resolution 4:3


Hi all,

I wonder if we could fix transmit resolution as 4:3 from C20 and SX20 using SIP.

I tried to disable H.264 and establish connection in low bandwidth, but it didn't help.

Is it possible?

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

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Accepted Solutions

xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "H.264;H.264RCDO;H.264NIL;H.263;H.263PP"

this is the correct one...

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Hi Kotaro,

First of all, why do you want to do that

Try to configure the HDMI Output 1 to the resolution you'd like (e.g. 640x480). Then at least the output will be 4:3.

You can do this from the WebUI > Configuration > Video > HDMI Output 1.

Hope this helps,


Bhaskar Jha
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Kotaro,

Do you mean in a call to send the stream and resolution to FAR END ?

I guess this is what you mean. Correct ?

You can try to force H.261 however it is more of local setting to enable and not for remote. Resolution will be suitable to 4:3.

WHy ?

Codec will send what it needs---it is though to allow other end to see whether in 4:3 or 16:9 depending on the quality that they get.

Cause if you will stretch low 4:3 resolution to 16:9 will give you bad quality at the same time we still leave it the other side to decide.



Takk Arne,

As Bhaskar mentioned, we want to fix resolution sent to farend, not to its own display.

Thank you for your information, Bhaskar.

We have connection test between a C20 and a 3rd party MCU that is under development and unfortunately it can only receive 4:6 resolution for now.

Now we test by transmitting PC desktop(640x480) as main source but it always needs a PC and it isn't convinient.

We will try to force H.261 with this command below.

xConfig Experimental CapsetFilter: H.264RCDO;H.264NIL;H.263;H.263PP

Thank you for your advice.

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "H.264;H.264RCDO;H.264NIL;H.263;H.263PP"

this is the correct one...

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