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Guest and Master Participants in MCU


In a customer we are creating conferences as ad-hoc in most of time. In that conferences, we want that a conference ends as soon as a specifed participant leaves the conference. I know, in order to provide that we need to define all participants as guests but one specified participant as a master. But in this case, one specified participant is known but other participants are unknown. So I can not define anything for unknown participants. And I see that they are connecting as a master as default. Is it possible to change it? Is it possible to make unknown participants connects as a guest participant as default?

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Martin Koch
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VIP Alumni

Hello Tufan!

It is always handy if you say a bit more about your deployment, like MCU Hardware/Software version,

how the conferences are dialed up (AA, e164, uri, sip, h323), if its integrated with the VCS and so on.

What I would try is to assign two numbers to the conference (under conferences > conference > configuration),

the "Numeric ID" and the "Guest Numeric ID" and either let the "master" know as the only one the "Numeric ID" to dial up (all others dial the "Guest ID") or define the master as the master.

Be aware that the conference does not get connected unless a master is present, untill all participants would see

a black screen and hear (if enabled) a "waiting for the conference chair person"

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Hello Martin,

No participant calls the MCU with any id. I have defined the MCU as a Conference Bridge on CUCM and participants start conferences as ad-hoc.

And the MCU is 5320 with version 4.3.