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Has anyone successfully registered an E20 with CUCM 7.1.5?


My organization has a couple E20's and are still running CUCM  Has anyone successfully registered an E20 in this version of CUCM?  If so, need some guidance.  Thanks!

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Hello - The E20 IP Video Phone was first introduced with UCM release 8.5(1).  There are some additional enhancements in 8.6 that you can get from the E20 by upgrading your UCM Node / Cluster.  You're not going to have a great deal of luck with 7.1.5 though.



Paul Anholt
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You may register an E20 to CUCM v 7.x by using the Third-party SIP Device (Advanced) device type. The configuration overview is as follows:

  1. Create an end user on the CUCM.
  2. Create the device profile on the CUCM.
  3. Configure the endpoint to register to the CUCM.

Creating an end user on the CUCM

  1. Log into the CUCM and navigate to User Management > Enduser and click Add New
  2. Fill in the fields. The required fields are User ID and lastname the password field is optional.
  3. Click Save to complete the configuration.

Creating a device profile on the CUCM

  1. Log into the CUCM and navigate to Device > Phone and click Add New
  2. Select Third-party SIP Device (Advanced) for the phone type and click Next
  3. Assign the end user created previously to the Digest User item under Protocol Specific Information
  4. Fill out all other fields as normal.
  5. Press Save then assign a DN to the device to complete this configuration step.

Configuring the endpoint to register to the CUCM

  1. Using the e20 menu navigate to  Menu > Advanced Settings > SIP Profile 1
  2. Fill in the following configuration entries.
  3. Type: Standard (NOT CISCO)
  4. URI 1: The SIP URI in the format DN@CUCM_IP ie: 1234@
  5. Authentication 1: Type the End User ID configured previously and the password (if configured).
  6. Proxy 1: Address: The CUCM IP Address Discovery: Manual

or from the cli

  1. Log into the cli via ssh and enter the command   xconfig SIP Profile 1 (this will show the current SIP configuration.
  2. Use the xconfig SIP Profile 1 commands to enter the configuration described above.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Paul.  I gave this to our telecom tech and he was not successful.  He feels he is overlooking something simple, so he is still reviewing the setup.  One thing we noted on the E20 was the Reason was "404 Not Found".  Also we have the Tandberg 2.2 software on the E20 if that matters.  Based on your experience, where should he concentrate his efforts, on the CUCM side or E20 side?  Thanks again!


A 404 not found indicates that the CCM cannot find the device or user in the database. I would verify the following:

  1. The Authentication 1 Login Name matches the End User ID on the CUCM.
  2. If a password is configured for the End User ID on the CUCM, then verify that the password entered in Authentication 1 Password on the endpoint matches.
  3. Verify that the URI 1 matches the DN configured on the CUCM, and the format is correct.

If you don't find any inconsistancies there, can you try logging into the console of the e20 via ssh and entering these commands:

log output on

log ctx sippacket debug 9

Then wait a few seconds for a registration message and the two responses from the CUCM and attach them here (you can redact any IP addresses as needed).



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