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How can I join my Room Kit Plus On Premise with Webex Meeting


Hello Guys

I have a Room Kit Plus registered on premise on CUCM 12.5 SU6 and the calls internally to jabbers are fine with audio and video and now the company wants that this device be able to join to Webex Meeting sessions but I really don't understand how to do this.

I don't have any Expressway so I have to use my sip trunk provider on my CUBE 4451 to make this configuration.

Someone know how to do this configuration? or someone have a cisco webpage to explain how configure it using  a Cisco CUBE? For testing in using for sip dial-peer on cucm and in the cube I have two dial-peers with uri but its not working...

It's funny that the first searches on google only say that dial the or dial the 9 digits of the meeting and it doesn't explain anything else....

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Use Webex Edge for Devices with Optimized Join Experience and the endpoint will perform a native join instead of a SIP call through CUCM. This also allows the endpoint to leverage Hybrid Calendar for One Button to Push (replacing TMS-XE, if you have that deployed.) Note that this requires a Cloud Device Registration license, although it is included in most calling enterprise agreements.

Even with Edge for Devices (aka cloud-aware) any SIP URI calls would still route through CUCM. Joining a Zoom Meeting, for example. You can avoid that by going full cloud-reg with Webex Calling instead of CUCM. If that’s not desirable you should deploy Expressway and configure business to business calling. Entitlement for Expressway is included in all current on-premises calling annuity subscription offers. Note that is exempt from Expressway Rich Media Session licenses but any other SIP B2B call would require them. RMS licenses are not cheap so get pricing from your reseller before settling on a path forward here.

As for doing it with CUBE, check out Domain-Based Routing Support on the Cisco UBE . It should be possible to make this work if CUBE has a public IPv4 address on the internet-facing interface (ie it will not be NATed) and is in flow-through mode; however, this does not align with Cisco’s Preferred Architecture which specifies Expressway as the internet edge solution component. You’re going “off the reservation” by using CUBE instead - be sure you can defend why to TAC and any other Collab engineer.

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